Monday, September 27, 2010

Faya's first birthday

Hi all,

Last Friday September 24th, we celebrated Faya's first birthday. Wow, our youngest daughter is one year old already... It seems like only yesterday that she was born.

Early on Friday morning: a quick photo but no time for big celebrations, as both of us have a busy day at work ahead and Faya will spend her day at the creche.

Both our girls spend three days a week at the daycare centre, and generally have an excellent time there. Every birthday is celebrated with song, dance, sweets and funny hats, and Faya's birthday was no exception.

Saturday morning: the girls woke early and we took them in bed with us to open Faya's pressies.

Saturday saw lots of visitors pop by to wish Faya a happy birthday. Here's Myrthe's mum and stepdad...

...Sander's parents...

...And Myrthe's dad and stepmum. By now it was late afternoon, so you can't blame Faya for being a little tired.

Still, all in all Faya had a wonderful day and loved all the gifts and attention.

The weather was fine and so in the afternoon we all went outside to enjoy a bit of Indian Summer. Here's Lily and Ben with Simon, one of the neighbour's kids.

Charlotte (Lise's mum) chatting with Maurice (Kiki's dad).

Now we know where Faya gets her brown eyes from.

Let's see, what else have we been up to this month? On August 15th, Sander's grandmother would have been 100 years old, had she lived to see the day. A good occasion for the Van Schijndels to organise a family reunion. We all met up on a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon on a large property in Holland's rural 'Green Heart', about half an hour's drive from Utrecht.

Sander's brother Joost was spending his last week's holiday in Holland before heading back to Guinée-Bissau. Here he is, catching up with cousins Daan, Susan & Joris.

The Van Schijndel get-together took place on a working farm which is also a venue for parties, business meetings and the like. A successful business concept! Here, Lily is checking out an old tractor in one of the many sheds, while the cows behind her carry on feeding.

Every Thursday, both Sander and his friend Maurice have their weekly day off with the kids. As Maurice lives just around the corner, he often drops by with his daughter Kiki. Lily and Kiki have a lot of fun together. Here, they are racing around in our local supermarket...

...After shopping, time to head home for lunch at our place. The girls usually have so much fun together that the 300 metre walk takes up to twenty minutes!

Earlier this month, Rob and Louisa visited us while spending a couple of weeks cycling through Holland. It was great to see them again. We've developed a bit of a six-month routine lately. They visited us last September, and in March of this year, we met up in London. Let's see, where shall we meet up in March 2011?

Rob & Lou stayed at our place for a couple of days, giving us lots of time to catch up.

Lily was keen to join Rob & Lou on the next leg of their Dutch road trip.

As the summer of 2010 draws to a close, we spend as much time as possible outside with the kids. Here, Lily is playing with her friend Sem, who lives just around the corner.


That's all for now - till next time!
Much love from
Sander, Myrthe, Lily & Faya

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