Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autumn 2010

Hi all,

Better late than never... Here's another update from the four of us in Utrecht.

Lily and Faya get on very well together - most of the time...

The view from Lily's window a couple of weeks ago.

Sander took Lily for a bike ride to Amelisweerd, an old country estate just outside of Utrecht.

Faya being fed by her big sister.

Myrthe's stepmum Helma celebrated her birthday with the whole family in De Efteling, Holland's most popular theme park. We all met up on Saturday afternoon at De Efteling Hotel, where we all had dinner together and spent the night...

...So that we could be the first to enter the park on Sunday morning. Here's a photo of Lily with her cool cousin Madelief (8).

Remember our old neighbours Bob & Anja? After a couple of years living the expat life in Vienna, they recently returned to Holland and now live in Amsterdam with their twin babies Djoeke & Monk.

Autumn: Lily helps clearing the fallen leaves in our back yard.

Lily and Faya stayed over a couple of nights with Sander's parents in Deventer. Here, Lily is watching oma Ing working her magic in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the two of us enjoyed some quality time together, including an autumn walk to this derelict 1920s Art Deco radio transmission station.

A visit to omi Helma and opa Hankees in Bennekom, where Lily proudly showed off her skills on her pushbike.

Glorious colours in the woods close to opa and omi's home.

Lily and omi bonding...

...As did we.
Till next time,
Much love from
Sander, Myrthe, Lily & Faya

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